The Rapid Results Diploma

The Fastest Way To A Career In A Philippines Contact Centre 

"Are you struggling to find a job? Do you want to have a stable, well paid job in the Contact Center Industry?"

The Rapid Results Diploma is the industry leading qualification that has been designed to help people who want to get into the Contact Center Industry do that in JUST FOUR WEEKS!

Does this sound familiar?

You want a job that allows you to provide for your family. Knowing that on average a contact centre job pays 5000 pesos more per month than the average job in the Philippines you decide that you're going to apply. 

You wait in line with 50 - 100 other people hoping for the same thing as you. When you finally get interviewed its by someone who has seen 100's of people that week.

How do you stand out? What makes you a MUST HIRE compared to every other person who waited in line with you?

Introducing The Rapid Results Diploma


You Apply

Enter into the Rapid Results Diploma. The #1 online contact centre training in the Philippines.​


Get The Skills Employers WANT

In just four weeks. Faster if you choose. You will have the skills that will make you a MUST HIRE.


Guaranteed Interview ​

Be interviewed a specific time (no waiting in line) by an employer who knows that you have completed the Rapid Results Diploma.

Extraordinary Results....

"I learnt essential skills and advanced knowledge in customer service, teamwork, time management and other practical topics. What I leant in the Rapid Results Diploma course did MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN MY WORKPLACE: I have more CONFIDENCE & better experience even in handling tough situations
Jincy Cheng
Rapid Results Diploma Graduate


What's Included?

4 Weeks Online Training

The diploma has been designed so that you can access it 24/7 online.

The recommended time to complete it is 4 weeks. But you can complete it faster than this if you choose.

Guaranteed Interview

Are you tired of lining up to be interviewed by someone who has already seen 50 people?

Complete this diploma and we guarantee an interview at a specific time by someone who knows who you are and that you have completed the diploma!

New Zealand Assessors

Rapid Results is becoming the go to trainer for the Philippines Contact Centers because they know that our students have been trained and give the skills they want as employers.

All of your work will be graded by NZ assessors. And because of this fact, Rapid Results has partnerships with some of the largest Contact Centers in the Philippines.


The Rapid Results Diploma is affordable.

The cost in 5,000 pesos.

However, we have a payment plan as available.

2 payments of 2,000 pesos and 1 payment of 1000 pesos. Conditions apply.

Tony Burnet | Managing Director

Get Enrolled In The #1 Contact Center Training For The Philippines

Only 5,000 Pesos

You Want To Provide For Your Family & Have A Job You Can Be Proud Of? Take Advantage Of This Offer NOW!

Courses In The Diploma

Introduction To Contact Centers

6 Modules

Improve Your Communication Skills

6 Modules

Improve Your Selling Skills

5 Modules

Handling Challenging Customers

3 Modules

Improve Your Self Development Skills

5 Modules

    • Learn about your role in a contact center
    • How to professionally greet people
    • Learn how to deal with non stop talking customers
    • Improve your communication skills
    • How to deal with customers who know it all
    • become an active listener
    • And So Much More...
    • Learn sales techniques which will allow you to sell anything
    • Learn how to offer solutions and overcome objections
    • Add so much value that employers will have to hire you
    • How to deal with difficult customers
    • Improve you soft skills so that you can have a successful career
    • How to improve your emotional intelligence
    • And So Much More...

Need A Payment Plan?

We've Got You Covered

2 Payments Of 2,000 Pesos & 1 Payment Of 1,000 Pesos!

Pay Over Time. Start Today. No Interest


Meet Our Team

We are the force behind the Rapid Results Diploma. Our team and staff will help you every step of the way on your journey to gaining employment in the contact center industry, being able to provide for your family and a career that you can be proud of.

Managing Director

Joint CEO

Sales & Marketing | Philippines Project Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Long Do I Have Access To The Program?

Once you register you have 4 weeks maximum to complete the diploma. However, the skills and knowledge you learn will be invaluable to you.

  • Is There A Physical Building To Attend?

No, the diploma is available online at your convenience. Access it via your phone, computer or tablet.

  • Can I Make Payments Towards The 5,000 Pesos?

Yes. A payment place is available. Where you pay 2 X 2000 Pesos & 1 X 1000 Pesos

  • How Long Will It Take To Complete?

It's really up to you. The diploma has been designed to be completed in 4 weeks. However, we understand that for a lot of you 4 weeks out of work is too long. If you want to finish it faster you can. (In 2 weeks for example.)

  • Who Is This Diploma For?

Anyone who wants a job at a major contact center who or has been struggling to get work in the past. If you want more out of life then this diploma is the ticket.

  • Is The Interview A Guarantee Of Employment?

No. It's the opportunity to impress your interviewer with the knowledge gained from the Rapid Results Diploma. It's a foot in the door.